Trailhead – Bronze Tent Peg Needed

Some thoughts on improving (the already excellent) Trailhead experience. Comments welcome. Let’s see if we can get make a Bronze Tent Peg a thing!

Need more ranks – The ranges are almost defined on an exponential scoring scale, topping out with Ranger awarded at 100 badges, 50k points – with 260 badges now available we need some higher ranks.

Add two new higher ranks:

  • Pioneer 150 badges, 100k points
  • Ice Master* 200 badges, 150k points

Not all badges are equal – and that’s fine – more points are awarded for the more complex ones. It’s actually possible to get 100 badges with relatively low scores.

Add an award for achieving certain scores, irrespective of the awarded badge count:

  • Bronze Tent Peg for 50k points
  • Silver Compass for 100k points
  • Golden Fleece for 150k points

Add an award for holding all Superbadges (currently 6)

  • Global Cartographer Award

Introduce more Superbadges:

  • Project based?
  • Migrate org to lightning practical?
  • Super Fixer – Fix or improve a provided faulty / badly configured org?

Assess Progress:

How am I doing compared with other trailheaders? There are some external, opt-in tools that provide leader boards, but provide something built in that provides simple metrics on where you are in general terms… top 25% etc

Add function to allow users to build and maintain a league. Other trailheaders can be invited to join. Show summary page with ranking, progress, badges, points and super badges.

Minor gripe – Badges or Modules? – introduce consistent naming

*footnote: Ice Master… I had a relative who had that job title. He served on whaling boats in the 1840s, directing his boat though icepack ranging from unstable and shifting to hardpacked and impenetrable. They were often frozen in over a winter season (or longer) before being able to return to port. He ended up on the doomed franklin expedition to find the north west passage with indications that the crews resorted to cannibalism before vanishing. I describe this job as about as far away from a desk job you can get and worthy of top rank!

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