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We are delighted to announce that our new app Field Dump Pro is now live on the AppExchange. It’s a turbo charged version of Field Dumper and adds a load of great features.

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So GOOD! I’m totally impressed. I’ve tried a few other apps that said they would do something similar, but I’ve got a REALLY big org, and everything else that I tried just “died” and said that there was too much data. I think that the ability to pick and choose which objects you are extracting, is a HUGE key here, and it worked so well. Similar look and feel to the rest of Salesforce, pick on the left and move to the right etc. It was super intuitive, and so fast. I was able to get the field dump in record breaking time! I’m passing the word around to others, because this was EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks so much, I’m going to keep an eye out for other tools from this developer.”

“Intuitive usage and great output: all objects and fields appear in an excel workbook like by magic. You can view your org at a glance, it’s more complete than other similar apps. I only started using it and can’t stop thinking about new use cases.”

“Great product! Saves tons of time! I am so grateful for the Field Dumper! I use it any time I need to work with data flow, table integrations, schema transformation, just any time the back-end of the product impacts what I am doing. I love that it exports schema info to a spreadsheet where I can easily use it for mapping purposes. Works great!”

“Did what I expected. The app did exactly what I expected by offering me a download of all my Contact and User fields in the database. It worked flawlessly and I was able to move forward with my project. Thanks!”

“This app provides a simple, yet effective solution to exporting field labels, formula text, help text, etc.”

“I needed to list all fields and object in SFDC as part of internal processes. This app saved me a lot of time and headaches. Thank you!”