Free from Salesforce AppExchange : FieldDump – Extract Data Model to a Spreadsheet

Available for free on the AppExchange: FieldDump – A Salesforce App to Easily Extract Object and Field Information to Excel

We are pleased to release out first app ‘Field Dump’ into the Salesforce AppExchange.

Key Information:

  • This simple app completes an export of your Salesforce Data Model into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The app is FREE!
  • One spreadsheet can contain a complete object / field extract of your org.
  • Multiple objects can be exported at the same time.
  • Each object and its fields are presented on a separate spreadsheet tab.
  • Caters for both Salesforce Custom and Standard Objects.
  • Extracts a range of useful parameters for Custom and Standard Fields.
  • It is fully functional – it is not locked, limited or restricted *
Select youestandard or custom Salesforce objects to extract.

Select youe standard or custom Salesforce objects to extract.

Salesforce Schema Metadata is output to a Excel workbook.

Each Salesforce Object is presented on a separate Excel Tab.


FieldDump Provides an extract that:

  • Saves time and grey hair – manually compiling or reviewing directly inside Salesforce is not quick, simple or straightforward.
  • Can be used for easy review and sharing with others outside of Salesforce.
  • Helpful tool to help with common (and not-so common) Admin and Developer Tasks:
    • Data Model Schema Review and sharing
    • Provide information for audit and documentation
    • Is a useful snapshot in time
    • Use extract to mass-spell check help text entries
    • Scan formulas easily when making changes to identify dependencies
    • Find all fields with the same name or type
    • Complete Cross object field comparisons
    • Can be used for offline analysis
    • Use output to compare two different orgs
    • Review Picklist values

The application provides a simple user interface that allows user selection of objects to extract. An option is also provided to additionally dump picklist values.  (Lightning & Classic UI supported)

Information Extracted:

Object information extracted includes:

  • API Name
  • Label
  • ID prefix
  • Number of Field on Object

Field information extracted:

  • API name
  • Label
  • Field Type
  • Is Custom (boolean)
  • Is External (boolean)
  • Is Unique (boolean)
  • Is Formula (boolean)
  • Formula Text
  • Text Length
  • Help Text
  • Picklist Values (optional)

Design Notes:

The app is 100% native salesforce – apex and visualforce. It uses schema describe calls to retrieve information and the visualforce ‘renderas’ feature to produce the excel output.

The app has a single data entry page (available on a custom tab) and that page will suit both classic and lightning interfaces.

The app does not require or use any external web services.

Suitable for running on both production and sandbox instances by System Admin.

The default list of standard objects available for selection is a sub set of Salesforce standard objects.

If different standard objects are needed press the ‘Select from All Standard Objects’ button.   This will swap the available objects to be a list of all standard objects.  Note that an org can over 400 standard objects – this will too many to dump to a single spreadsheet, so extract in batches if you need to extract them all.

A custom setting can be also used to change the default standard and custom objects that show in the list for selection.  (see PDF for more details p0p-Field-Dump-Overview.pdf)

* The application does not limit the number of object and fields that can be exported. However, normal Salesforce limits do apply  (viewstate size etc). If you have a very large number of objects and fields you may hit these limits. You can always use the object selection interface to take a smaller extract if limits are hit. We have developed the app to be performant as possible.

More information is available in the Field Dumper FAQ.


Support Email:

Overview PDF with installation instructions:  p0p-Field-Dump-Overview.pdf

We welcome your support and feedback!

If you found it useful, please leave comment on appexchange!


Some feedback from the AppExchange:

“So GOOD! I’m totally impressed.  I’ve tried a few other apps that said they would do something similar, but I’ve got a REALLY big org, and everything else that I tried just “died” and said that there was too much data. I think that the ability to pick and choose which objects you are extracting, is a HUGE key here, and it worked so well. Similar look and feel to the rest of Salesforce, pick on the left and move to the right etc. It was super intuitive, and so fast. I was able to get the field dump in record breaking time! I’m passing the word around to others, because this was EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks so much, I’m going to keep an eye out for other tools from this developer.”

“Intuitive usage and great output: all objects and fields appear in an excel workbook like by magic. You can view your org at a glance, it’s more complete than other similar apps. I only started using it and can’t stop thinking about new use cases.”

“Great product! Saves tons of time! I am so grateful for the Field Dumper! I use it any time I need to work with data flow, table integrations, schema transformation, just any time the back-end of the product impacts what I am doing. I love that it exports schema info to a spreadsheet where I can easily use it for mapping purposes. Works great!”

“Did what I expected.  The app did exactly what I expected by offering me a download of all my Contact and User fields in the database. It worked flawlessly and I was able to move forward with my project. Thanks!”

“This app provides a simple, yet effective solution to exporting field labels, formula text, help text, etc.”

“I needed to list all fields and object in SFDC as part of internal processes. This app saved me a lot of time and headaches. Thank you!”