Scheduling Salesforce Test Runs

A developer has added some new code in the dev org. Testing it can’t be an after thought but sometimes with all the things going on it can get overlooked or delayed and you can be in for nasty surprise when the next full test run is activated.  The new change has caused an existing test to fail with an un-intended knock on and that now needs urgently fixed.

A great thing to do to try an improve the development process is to schedule all the test classes to run frequently.  This allows early detection and then resolution of tests failures that may have been caused by recent dev work.

There are different scheduling options.  It could be scheduled to run once a day on every development org or it could be set up to run based on something happening – when code is checked in, for example.  An email, containing details of failures can be sent to the dev team.  (A morning inbox present)

The actual process can be completed in several ways but we have had success using Jenkins with Ant and the Salesforce metadata toolkit.


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