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Swapping between Package.xml and Changeset

We had a previous rant at how lacking changesets are and that ant based deployments bring advantages. One of the big drawbacks of changesets are that, although they can be cloned on the same org, there is no out the … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Force Command Line Interface (CLI)

Salesforce provides a CLI tool that adds a useful bow to the developers and administrators armoury. Provides different tooling options to the Salesforce developer or administrator Output is easily captured and available (run and query and put results in a … Continue reading

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Upset with Changeset

Right,  we need to let off some steam.  After some time working with deploying using Ant, we needed to switch back to working with changesets and it has re-surfaced some long-held distaste for them.  Between page refreshes, it has reminded … Continue reading

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Scheduling Salesforce Test Runs

A developer has added some new code in the dev org. Testing it can’t be an after thought but sometimes with all the things going on it can get overlooked or delayed and you can be in for nasty surprise … Continue reading

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