Introduction to the Force Command Line Interface (CLI)

Salesforce provides a CLI tool that adds a useful bow to the developers and administrators armoury.

  • Provides different tooling options to the Salesforce developer or administrator
  • Output is easily captured and available (run and query and put results in a text file)
  • Command line operation can allow chaining with other tools with scripted and repeatable operations.

Note that this tool is different to the CLI tool used by dataloader.

Download from here:

It is available in different flavours for Windows, Mac and Linux.

In Windows case, the download is an exe, so just copy it somewhere and then navigate to it with a command prompt.  Run ‘force’ to get the help list of commands:

Some Examples:


> force login

This launches browser where you can type creds and allow cli access.  You can also use -u and -p flags to provide username and password (with security token)

Run a Query:

> force query “select name from account”

View a Record:

> force record get account 0010Y00000ULl7XQAT

Update a Record:

> force record update account 0010Y00000ULl7XQAT name:”University of Boulder”

List fields on Object:

>force field list account

Export metadata to file system:

>force export

And more… (Will try and add to this list as we work through it… let us know your favourites)


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